Hi! I’m Elizabeth Zane and I’m so glad you found my little corner of the internet!

A few years ago (cough, cough, thirteen) at my wedding, my maid of honor gave a toast and called me "Love's biggest cheerleader."

Now, you won't find me with pom-poms or spirit fingers, but she was right. I have always cheered and fought for a good Happily Ever After, and every step it takes to get there, which is why writing romance just fit.

You can usually find me on Instagram procrastinating all of the #amwriting I should be doing, or here sharing my journey, excerpts, vision boards, and more, or... actually writing the damn things.

Completely Irrelevant Facts about Yours Truly: I am an unapologetic love of food and wine (all of it), I love GIFs (it's my second language), Chris Evans, Musical Theatre, the Oxford Comma, and Hallmark Movies.

I hope to have my Debut Novel/Series published in 2021!

I'm so glad you found me and thanks for reading!

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Current Projects

(In Progress/Drafting) Book 2 in my Pandemic Love series will follow Chelsea Delaney, from Book 1 on her own journey to love in the time of COVID. This is my Officially Announced NaNoWriMo 2020 Project! Will I get it done by November 30? Stay tuned to find out!

(Finished/Editing) Book 1 in what I hope to be my Debut Series - Releasing 2021! A COVID-inspired romance, written especially for the Hallmark Christmas Crowd (yours truly, included). Mary Ann & Joey are co-stars working on a made-for-TV Christmas movie, when they're exposed to a virus that forces them into quarantine for 14 days--including Christmas, and they're lives are turned into a real-life Hallmark movie. Despite their best efforts to keep their distance, some Christmas magic refuses to go unnoticed. But will it be enough or will they get to the end of quarantine only to realize Happily Ever After is only made-for-TV?

(On Hold) July 2020 Camp NaNoWriMo Project! Julie & Justin are reunited at the most imperfect time, but they'll need each other to figure out that perfection is overrated and timing is what you make it.

Completed in 2017 (unpublished). This is my heart on pages--the story closest to my heart! Max & Jessica discover that a perfect beginning doesn't always guarantee a fairytale ending. They'll have to decide if Happily Ever After is worth the work.

(In Progress/On Hold) Love Triangles are complicated, especially when there are more than one. A Teacher-Student romance, a fake relationship, and unrequited love all intersect at the point where the characters learn that, when it comes to love, there's not much difference between a triangle and a circle.

(Novella - In Progress/Edits) Inspired by a joke I saw on Social Media, this is my first COVID-inspired romance. Opposites, Charlie & Amanda meet in the most unexpected and untraditional way, but in order to finish an important project, they'll need to work together and throw tradition out the window.

(Prepping/On Hold) In this novel, I go WAY outside my comfort zone and dive into Romance Fantasy! A painter and an author unlock a magic portal, when they unknowingly create the exact same scene. Together, they discover that even art has its limitations, and no matter how beautiful it seems, true beauty can only be experienced when it is found in real life. They'll have to risk losing one another in order to find the beauty they've always tried to create.

In this fictional memoir, Jennifer Greene shares journal entries of her dying days, when she finally decides to live the life she wants, only to find out she has more time than she expects.

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