Hi! I’m Elizabeth Zane and I’m so glad you found my little corner of the internet!

I write romance, although technically, I am considered a multi genre author because I write Contemporary Romance, Fantasy Romance, YA, and NA novels, but you can be sure that when you read any of my stories, you'll find love with a light sizzle and characters you'll adore and root for!

What will you find here? #AmWriting Musings which will include info on my latest projects, insight into the writing process and progress for each, excerpts and aesthetic boards from said projects, and eventually, you'll even find chapters from my novels posted here!

Glad you found me and thanks for reading!


Current Projects

My Debut Novel! The story closest to my heart! Max & Jessica discover that a perfect beginning doesn't always guarantee a fairytale ending. They'll have to decide if Happily Ever After is worth the work.

Love Triangles are complicated, especially when there are more than one. A Teacher-Student romance, a fake relationship, and unrequited love all intersect at the point where the characters learn that, when it comes to love, there's not much difference between a triangle and a circle.

July 2020 Camp NaNoWriMo Project! Julie & Justin are reunited at the most imperfect time, but they'll need each other to figure out that perfection is overrated and timing is what you make it.

Inspired by a joke I saw on Social Media, this is my first COVID-inspired romance. Opposites, Charlie & Amanda meet in the most unexpected and untraditional way, but in order to finish an important project, they'll need to work together and throw tradition out the window.

Another COVID-inspired romance, written especially for the Hallmark Christmas Crowd (yours truly, included). Sam & Sam are working on a film, when they are exposed to a virus that forces them into Quarantine for 14 days--including Christmas! It will take a Christmas miracle for them to see past their differences and learn to love again.

In this novel, I go WAY outside my comfort zone and dive into Romance Fantasy! A painter and an author unlock a magic portal, when they unknowingly create the exact same scene. Together, they discover that even art has its limitations, and no matter how beautiful it seems, true beauty can only be experienced when it is found in real life. They'll have to risk losing one another in order to find the beauty they've always tried to create.

In this fictional memoir, Jennifer Greene shares journal entries of her dying days, when she finally decides to live the life she wants, only to find out she has more time than she expects.

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