At The Tree

My Debut Novel. This is the story that is closest to my heart, and that started it all. Set in a small beach town, not unlike the one where I grew up. Characters Max & Jessica find themselves at the center of an unbelievable real-life love-at-first-sight love story, one their entire town is watching closely. It doesn't take long to realize a perfect beginning doesn't guarantee a fairytale ending, and they'll have to decide if Happily Ever After is worth it.

Different Angles

Love Triangles are trigonometry. Especially when there are more than one. Characters Leighton, Julie, Brad, and Billy take readers the long way around, telling the story from opposite and adjacent vantage points, until the reader sees that when it comes to love, there's not really much difference between a triangle and a circle.

Imperfect Timing

Wanting a challenge, this July (2020) I've signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo. There's been a story bouncing around in my head and this is how I'm getting it out. In this story, we meet characters Julie and Justin. Life has brought them both back to their hometown, where they'll need each other to discover that perfection is overrated and timing is what you make it.

In It Together

Inspired by a joke I saw on Social Media, I decided to write a COVID-inspired love story. A jestful nod to the "Hallmark Christmas Movie" genre, this novella introduces characters Charlie and Amanda, opposites who meet in a very untraditional and unexpected way. In order to complete a project by Christmas, they'll be forced to work together and throw tradition out the window.

Christmas in Quarantine

What can I say? Christmas in July is on and I'm here for it. "Here you go, Hallmark, you can thank me later." In this novella, characters (names TBD) are shooting a film together, when someone on set is diagnosed with COVID. Now, they're quarantined together for 14 days, including Christmas, and the only hope they have for enjoying the holiday, is overlooking what they hate about each other, and trying to find something to like.

Life, Art, and Limitation

A painter and an author unknowingly create the same story and place with their art, unlocking a magic portal that brings them into their fictional worlds. But there are limits on what art can do, no matter how beautiful it seems. To get back to their real lives, they'll have to work together to find a way back, and they'll probably have to sacrifice one another to get there.

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